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We have broad experience with Finance

Finomics has conducted several projects (excerpt):

Real Estate Companies in Germany

Structuring of Fund SICAV-SIF in Luxembourg, 2017 – today

  • Defining the investment strategy for the Fund
  • Defining business and financial plans
  • Planning, structuring and coordinating the entire issuing process
  • Assuming the role of Administrative Investment Advisor for the Fund's daily operations
  • Acquisition of investors and securing documentation
  • Elaboration of the formal documentation like Statutes, Issuing Prospectus and Subscription Form for the Fund as SICAV-SIF
  • Coordination of communication between financial authorities, bank, distribution partners, legal advisors, audit companies and further financial intermediaries

Investor Groups

Support with setting up a new bank in Switzerland, 2016
  • Elaboration of business perspectives, regulation and tax environment for a bank in Switzerland
  • Coordination of the approval process with FINMA and auditors
  • Coordination of milestone planning: investment strategy, business plan, organisation, regulatory documentation, FINMA banking license, implementation
  • Capital acquisition in collaboration with financial intermediaries

Finance Boutique in Switzerland

Structuring of adequate finance vehicles, 2012 – 2016
  • Planning, structuring and coordination of the entire issuing process
  • Elaboration of the formal documentation, such as the Issue Prospectus and Subscription Form
  • Communication with banks, financial authorities, legal advisors, audit companies and further financial intermediaries
  • Acquisition of investors and securing documentation

Energy Trading Company in Switzerland

Support in the reconstruction of risk controlling, 2010 – 2011
  • Establishing new methods for end-of-day processing of energy trading positions
  • Assistance creating and validating risk indicators (Open Energy, Mark-to-Market, Value at Risk)
  • Support with the generation of P&L-components of energy trading positions
  • Formulation of requirement specifications for operational implementation
  • Creation of management-reporting and framework analysis for energy trading positions
  • Planning, structuring and coordinating project tasks
  • Securing documentation

Swiss Bank

Support with extension of trade, 2009

  • Definition of market and position data requirements for new trading products
  • Establishment of the operational concept for end-of-day valuation of financial instruments
  • Formulation and application of a detailed concept for the plausibility of valuation parameters, taking into account volatility surfaces for option positions
  • Preparation of regulatory reporting for additional market risk positions with Abacus FiRe (market risk standard method)
  • Training the responsible persons at the bank
  • Planning, structuring and coordinating project tasks

International Swiss Insurance Company

Assistance with the implementation of risk measurement frameworks, 2009

  • Implementation of frameworks for the aggregation of risk key figures (value-at-risk and expected shortfall)
  • Aggregation of risk key figures through different stages of the corporate hierarchy, risk types, business divisions, etc.
  • Development of frameworks for the reporting of calculated risk key figures

Swiss Bank

Supporting the market risk control for the implementation of a new risk system, 2008

  • Creating a risk measurement concept according to the VaR-method
  • Establishing new methods and processes for end-of-day processing of trading position
  • Supporting validation of new risk and P&L key figures
  • Plausibility of the market data and evaluation parameters
  • Defining requirement specifications for risk system
  • Evaluation of software according to a criteria pattern
  • Supporting the implementation of new applications
  • Acceptance of overall functionality of the risk system and transfer to the operational process
  • Training the responsible
  • Planning, structuring and coordinating the project works
  • Securing documentation

Swiss Bank

Supporting the acceptance of value-at-risk-models, 2007

  • Validation of VaR-calculations (VaR parametric and VaR Monte Carlo simulation) for individual instruments and part portfolios considering the correlation between separate risk factors
  • Acceptance of valuation model for VaR parametric and VaR Monte Carlo simulation
  • Develop stress testing processes into the risk framework
  • Draw up back testing procedures
  • Documentation of individual test procedures and outcomes
  • Elaboration and documentation of a VaR limit system and drawing up a presentation for the decision makers
  • Validation of risk reporting and new key figures and limit system
  • Training the responsible
  • Planning, structuring and coordinating the project works

International Swiss Bank

Supporting the implementation of Basel II, 2007

  • Analysis of the status-quo for the risk management frameworks and Basel II implementation
  • Identifying the need for action to secure compliance with Basel II Swiss finish (qualitative and quantitative regulations)
  • Portrayal of the assessment of the Basel II Swiss finish for the regulation of own Fund requirements for selected business types and transactions
  • Documentation and presentation of the need for action and concrete recommendations for the future realisation of Basel II