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Strong Network

Deeply Rooted Ties with Turkey

Turkey demonstrates a great growth rate. Large infrastructure projects bring great economic momentum, from which small and large companies can profit. In the area of real estate and public transport, a lot of projects have been implemented.

Besides large-scale projects, like villages, hotels and shopping malls, a lot of small real estate projects have been carried out in the course of consolidation and aggregation.

Furthermore, in Istanbul, many public transport projects have been implemented. New train roads, subways, tram and bus lines have relieved the enormous traffic volume in the city.

However, to cover further transport needs of the growing population and to decrease daily traffic jams in the city, more public transport solutions are required.

All these realisations require a great level of energy requirement. This is covered, aside from primary sources of energy, with nuclear power and with renewable energy like hydro, wind and solar power.

The management of Finomics has strong connections to Turkey and has built a large network with partners in different sectors.

The management of Finomics is able to provide support out of the following reasons:

  • Connection between financial strength in Europe and solid projects in Turkey
  • The ability of speaking both languages German and Turkish
  • Knowing the working method of both cultures
  • Establishment in the corresponding organisations